Rothes  Primary  School Pupil Enrichment Fund

Scottish charity no: 034519

  • The PEF was started in 2004 by the head teacher and a group of trustees. The target of the fund was to raise £100,000 and invest this capital sum so that only the interest was used. The aim of the fund was and still is to allow all pupils at Rothes both now and in the future to benefit from cultural, artistic and heritage projects not funded by the Moray council.
  • The fund is a registered charity and the funds are invested in trusts. The constitution makes clear that the capital base should be preserved so that future generations of Rothes children will benefit from the funds in the PEF
  • The trustees meet twice a year and are happy to consider requests for funding from the school. Staff are regularly consulted and the Head Teacher takes proposals to the trustees.

Donations should be sent to:

The Secretary

Pupil Enrichment Fund

Rothes Primary School

Green Street


Moray AB38 7BD