Staff 2017-2018

Administrator - Mrs I Duncan

Janitor - Mr E McKenzie

Cook - Mrs Fiona Hutton

Headteacher - Mrs Faith Sargeant


Senior Nursery Nurse - Mrs M Wilson

Nursery Classroom Assistants - Mrs G Ingram


Teacher P1/2 - Mrs F Sargeant & Ms Morgan

Teacher P3/4 - Mrs C Timms

Teacher P4/5/6 - Mrs Y Ferguson

Teacher P6/7 - Mrs H MacDonell

Support for Learning Teacher - Mr M Collis

Classroom Assistants and PSA - Mrs J Christie, Mrs L Anderson, Mrs E Simpson, Miss Smith

PE Specialist - Miss C McNab (P.E.)

Visiting Specialist Teachers - Mrs A Gillies (Music)  

Instrumental Instructors - Mr G Munro, Mrs R Lewtas, Mrs L Farquharson

 Ancillary Staff

Kitchen - Mrs S Reid, Mrs C Johnston, Mrs C Mitchell 

Cleaners - Mrs S Wiseman and Mrs C Mitchell

Also based in Rothes Primary School and Nursery

Active Schools Coordinator - Mrs C Stuart