Our School Inspections

In February 2011 the school was visited by a team of three officers from the local authority education service to carry out a progress audit of the areas for improvement identified in the HMIE report of February 2009. The team were in the school for a day. They observed teaching and learning in classrooms and interviewed groups of staff and pupils. The team were impressed by the work they saw and we received positive feedback both orally during the visit and in the written report which was published in March 2011. As well as identifying our strengths, the team gave us some aspects of our work to reflect upon and build on improving. We were very pleased that we had already identified areas for development ourselves and had begun to work on them. This work has continued over the rest of the session.

Key strengths identified in the report were:


  • The Nursery is based in a recently renovated and well-resourced building.
  • The transition from Nursery to Primary One is a positive experience.
  • Using the outdoor environment to facilitate teaching and learning
  • Improved playground facilities
  • Productive links with local businesses
  • Opportunity for pupil voice through school community groups.
  • Attainment in writing and mathematics continues to improve.
  • Development of target setting within the Nursery and planned active learning throughout the school.
  • Pupils are positive about the use of success criteria for self and peer assessment in writing.
  • A systematic approach to self evaluation is in place and parents and children are regularly consulted.


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