Rothes School Association

Parents and carers are important and can make a real difference to children’s learning—when parents are involved children and young people do better and achieve more. You, parents and carers of Rothes children,  have a blend of unique and varied skills, interests and experiences. These skills can make a real difference to our children’s learning experience.

Every parent, member of staff and carer of a child at Rothes Primary School is automatically a member of the Rothes School Association (RSA).

Why do we need the RSA?

  • To make sure that all parents have a say in their children’s learning and to allow parents to express their views and wishes.
  • To bring together the learning community: children, parents, staff and the wider community.
  • To improve and develop the school’s facilities through activities such as:  coffee mornings, fairs and other fundraising events.
  • To enhance the life of the school community by organising discos, parties and other social occasions.

What has the RSA achieved?

Members of the RSA work with the staff at Rothes to make things happen!!!

Lovely new furniture and equipment to turn an empty room into a fully functioning and very beautiful classroom.

Lots of new books for our group reading approach and to stock our library.

An interactive whiteboard for the nursery.

I-pads for Primary 7 pupils.

A climbing wall in the shelter.

Paid for the pupils to go to the cinema to see a Christmas movie in December.

Support for Learning materials and laptops.

Netbooks and a charging trolley.

Community events such as coffee mornings to raise funds.

Easter egg hunt and prizes for all children.

Christmas crackers for our Christmas lunch and presents from Santa.

Ran Christmas  Fairs and a summer Gala Day.

Ran a Spooky Disco.

Organised bingo nights for all the family.

Contributed goodies for school events.

Given time to accompany class trips.

Primary 7 leaving gifts.

Helped out at Sports Day (and importantly bought ice creams for everyone!)

Applied for additional funding and grants to help pay for playground improvements.

And lots more.......