How we keep you up-to-date with our activities?

Facebook group

We post notices about all upcoming meetings on our Facebook group ‘Rothes RSA’ as well as reminders about events and requests for volunteers.

Letters Home

We send home flyers, sponsor forms and notices with the children.


We have recent events included in school Newsletters.

What are we raising money for next?

We are currently fundraising to help contribute to…..

  1. Outdoor Learning Equipment for the school.

When are the next meetings?

Everyone is welcome to come along to RSA meetings - any parents or carer of children at Rothes Primary School can attend any of the RSA meetings and contribute to the discussions.

Please look at our Facebook page or the School Newsletter for upcoming meeting dates.

How can you get involved?

All parents and carers with children at Rothes Primary School are welcome to attend meetings or volunteer at RSA events. Meetings are usually held once per term with an AGM scheduled for the beginning of each new session.