We've been investigating 2D Shapes!  


Our numeracy and maths lessons are fun…we like to be actively involved in our learning, using different methods to extend our thinking. We used dice to generate 4 digit numbers to create subtraction algorithms which would include decomposition…



When preparing for writing non-chronological reports on factual information, we watched a short video clip about the Respiratory System and took notes.

We then read photocopied pages from reference books, highlighting the important information which we would include in our reports.

Next, we organised our notes into categories before writing our reports. These include lots of tricky spellings because the technical vocabulary we are using is scientific.



Before we go to PE with Miss McNab on Monday mornings, we participate in High intensity Interval Training in class. This increases our heart rate significantly, and we perform the exercises at a fast rate for 30 seconds, and then rest for 30 seconds. We find it to be good fun and also VERY effective in building up our stamina and fitness.



P6/7 used single point perspective to create a colour wheel background using coloured pencils. They cut a ‘selfie’ down the middle before using a 2B pencil to create self-portraits. They were careful to include the different tones to match the photograph side. I’m sure you agree that they look absolutely amazing!


As part of our 2 hours quality PE provision, P6/7 are enjoying 4 weeks cricket coaching with Neil Nicol, Huntly Cricket Club. He visits the school at various times over the year offering coaching to p5-7. He’s truly inspiring and the pupils thoroughly enjoy learning the skills during his sessions.

Primary 6/7 enjoying the outdoor classroom while assessing their homework.


Peer Assessment

Primary 6/7 on their very first day of term; looking happy and enthusiastic when sharing their work with their peers who were assessing them. We do a lot of peer assessment and self-assessment using the success criteria given in the lesson. This helps us to become Successful Learners – and we always like to see each other’s work.