P2s practised their spelling words outside this week. P2s were learning to sequence numbers to 100 using 100 squares, tens and ones and a paper quiz.

P1s played different games to sequence numbers to 10 and 20. P1/2 practised forming letters on each others backs.

P1/2 learned how to keep the 'beat' to a piece of music.


The Lollipop Man visited us and we asked him lots of questions.

P1s have been forming the letter 'o' outside using big chalks and the letter 'u' on a partner's back.

P2s are showing how to represent two-digit numbers as a picture using sticks of tens and dots.

P1s like learning maths on the computers and using blocks to build towers.

P2s enjoyed practising their spelling words with playdoh!

We learned about tooth brushing from Carly from Childsmile.

We walked to the River Spey to create our assembly song......"Down at the river...."

P1s learned their new sounds 'c & k' and P2s practised their spelling words. We used old cds and dry-wipe pens to form our letters and words.

We all brought in our bikes and helmets to get them checked by Mrs Stuart and Mrs Duncan ready for our Bikeability training.


We have been learning in lots of different ways.......

Can you spot us forming our letters?

Can you see us making numbers ?

Can you see us learning through play?

We enjoyed performing 'Okki Tokki Unga' with Mrs Gillies at music.