As always it has been busy in P4/5/6 class.

We have been learning about fractions, angles and how to use a compass. We even managed to take our maths outside into the snow….great fun. We have used lots of different resources such as dominoes, shapes, dice and playdough to help us learn.

We have read our “How to Train Your Dragon” and compared it to the film. We also compared the characters in the book to real Viking facts. We are in the middle of making our sock puppets ready to create a performance of parts of the book.

In order to successfully build a Viking Ship using recyclable material, we had to investigate what makes something float or sink. We found out that an apple floats and an egg sinks even though the egg is lighter. We investigated surface area, surface tension and water displacement.

We had a visit from two furry friends. One was Leah’s adorable dog and the other was a cat from MFR who came to pick up the cheque for £352 which we raised last term.


Our Charity Challenge is now in full swing. After last year’s success, a local businessman has again kindly decided to give the class some money to invest in products to sell at the school’s Christmas Fayre. All the money we raise will go to MFR’s Cash for Kids which help children in our local area have a better life.

 After a stirring debate as to how we should split the groups, it was decided that this year we should have 12 boys against 12 girls. The names of the groups are Charity Girls and Charity Champions. The groups have designed a logo and are now in charge of keeping their Display Wall up to date with things that we have been calculating, designing and creating.

We hope to sell Bags of Fun filled with sweets, popcorn and reindeer food. Please come and see our stalls at the Christmas Fayre on Friday 1st December in the school hall.


We have been busy in a wide variety of areas of the curriculum.

In Numeracy, we have been problem solving using chalks out in the playground, moving counters around with our table partners in class and then recording our findings up on the whiteboard.

We have continued to enjoy Sumdog and now we can play on I-Pads as well as the laptops. This has helped us all progress our understanding of multiplication and division. (As well as training our pets!!)

We have been learning all about paying for items and receiving the correct change using our vending machines.

In Literacy, we have been using characters such as Mario and Bowser to help us create cartoons and write narrative stories. Our word lists have helped us to use a wider variety of adjectives and adverbs to enhance our writing.

In Health and Wellbeing, we have continued to enjoy our weekly swimming sessions. Miss McNab has been developing racket skills and the children have also been training their brains to change their way of thinking in order to help them learn.

We have been using watery paint and straws to create dramatic paintings to show how neurons transfer messages around the brain.


We have been celebrating success in a wide variety of areas from poetry to baking to golf to horse riding.

The class has been using lots of resources such as dice, shapes and even Fruitellas to help improve their mathematic skills.

Our room has now been named after The River A’an and our poems are proudly displayed up on our wall.

We concentrated on our target last week to be “Self Aware” Everyone was asked to set a target at the beginning of the week and we all succeeded in winning a sticker and a passport stamp. Well Done Everyone….Great Work !!


We have been exercising all four lobes of our brain and our Working Wall is starting to fill up.

Our first Problem Solving task was to work out how many squares there are on a chessboard. The immediate answer is 64 but, what happens if you look closer. As an added challenge we could only do things if Bowser told us to.

We drew lots of minions to revisit our self-assessing skills and come up with our next steps.

After investigating the different parts of the brain, we each created an informative model using modeling clay.

The spelling activities have proven to be a hit, especially the crosswords.

We are now busy creating factual posters ready for the Community Assembly on Friday, please come along and see our hard work.