Primary 3/4 have been out and about doing a traffic survey.  We wanted to know if the High Street was a busy place.  A total of 56 cars, 14 vans and 10 lorries passed in just 10mins!  We had to put our addition skills into action to work things out as half the class gathered information going in one direction and the other half counted vehicles going in the other direction!  Now our challenge is to invent something as a team to help people cross the road safely.


Theatre in Schools

Primary 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 were a quality audience last week when watching ‘Up to Speed’ produced by Theatre in Schools. The show was funny and we all absolutely loved it! We even got the chance to take part at the end.

Re-drafting Skills

Last week we were learning to make improvements to our writing and take on advice to make it even better. First we wrote about Joseph walker’s life. Next we redrafted our piece. We are really proud of our work and they are on display in our classroom.


We visited Aberlour Library.

We have been learning about Alexander Graham Bell.

We have been learning all about patterns in Maths.

Place Value Challenges

Perfect Presentation - We have been learning to form our letters correctly. Helping each other is a good way to learn!  Try tracing the letter on each other’s back. 

John Logie Baird - We have been learning about John Logie Baird. Our Team Task was really good fun and we all worked really well together.

James Grant- We have been learning about James Grant and his amazing invention! We learnt to re-draft our writing and make a best copy.  We hope you enjoy reading a few.

We made a big non-fiction book all about the River Tweed because that’s the new name of our classroom! We presented our big book at Community Assembly. We were fantastic!

Here we are reading in a group, choosing books from the library or enjoying Accelerated Reader activities. Reading always puts a smile on our face!

We have been learning about James Grant. He inherited the Glen Grant distillery from his uncles. He loved inventions and worked hard to make his whisky just right. We have written a biography about him. Here we are doing our planning!



Corde et manu means 'By Heart and By Hand'

Magical Maths!

We've been busy working together and being creative!