Do Red Squirrels Live in Antarctica?

We have been learning all about the Arctic and the Antarctic.

We found out which animals live in the Arctic and which live in the Antarctic.

We tried to build an igloo out of sugar cubes!

We investigated how quickly ice melts - by placing 'snowmen' in different areas around our class. The ones with a 'coat' on melted the slowest!

We also made a special glove to find out how a polar bears fat helps them to keep warm.


In Literacy we have been learning:

  • to say and order the alphabet
  • to write sentences using capital letters and full stops
  • to write a group report about polar bears - we know lots of facts!


We are learning to tell the time.

Christmas Fun

Design and Technology Challenge:

To design a 'shelf for an elf' to sit on.

Materials: 1 tub of playdough

                 16 lollipop sticks

Success Criteria:

Work in teams of two or three people sharing the task.

Your shelf must stand up on its own.

Your elf must sit on the shelf on its own.


We also had a great time making our very own Santa.



Toys Through Time - Forces in Action

We have been learning that a force can be a push, a pull or even a twist. We invited Mr Kingham in to our class to show us some of his wooden toy collection. We talked about what forces were needed for the toys to work.

We learned that 'gravity' is a force and it pulls objects back to earth.

We had a great time learning about Mr Kingham's toys and playing with them.  

Maths and Numeracy – We are learning about money.

We are learning to recognise all the UK coins.

We made money spiders and had a treasure hunt for coins in the sand.

We are learning to use coins to make totals.

We pretended to buy toys from a toy shop.

Some of us are also trying to make a total using the fewest coins we can!!

Maths – P1s are learning to measure using a metre stick. They had to estimate objects that are shorter or taller than 1 metre.

Literacy and Language

P2s had a challenge to make as many letters as they could using the letters from:

The Gingerbread Man

We have fun learning our sounds and spellings in different ways: playdough, magnetic letters, using small objects - beads, pasta, pebbles..........

Music with Mrs Gillies

We have been having fun learning to move to music.

We have been practising how to keep the beat with our instruments.

Do you know the names of our instruments?

Maths – We are learning to subtract two numbers.

We learned you have to start with the largest number.

You can use objects or a number line to help you count backwards.

You can even learn to count back in your head.


We are getting more and more confident in controlling our bikes.

We have been learning:

to go around obstacles

* to balance even when pedalling slowly

use our arms to signal we are turning

* looking over our shoulder

* how to check our bikes


Peace Assembly - We sang a song to celebrate International Day of Peace.

Autumn Leaves - We had an autumn walk and wrote a poem all about the leaves we saw.

PC Potter gave us a tour of Rothes Police Station. We saw the muster room where the officers meet, we saw the uniform room - Paige tried on a winter hat! We saw the kitchen where the officers have their meals. We even saw an old cell, we found out that anyone who is arrested goes to Elgin Police Station now. We even got to hear the police siren on the landrover......It was loud!!

Later in the week we thought about 'Peace' and prepared for our Peace Assembly.


We are enjoying bringing our bikes to school. Our bikes and helmets have been checked to make sure they are safe. Each week we will practise our cycling skills. We are having lots of fun!

We visited the Fire Station to find out what a firefighter does.

P1s practised joining 'ie' together while P2s practised their spelling patterns.

We enjoyed our visit to the library. We learned how to find books on a compueter and on the shelves and we made our own bookmarks.

We've been learning to subtract in maths using different games.



P2s practised their spelling words outside this week. P2s were learning to sequence numbers to 100 using 100 squares, tens and ones and a paper quiz.

P1s played different games to sequence numbers to 10 and 20. P1/2 practised forming letters on each others backs.

P1/2 learned how to keep the 'beat' to a piece of music.


The Lollipop Man visited us and we asked him lots of questions.

P1s have been forming the letter 'o' outside using big chalks and the letter 'u' on a partner's back.

P2s are showing how to represent two-digit numbers as a picture using sticks of tens and dots.

P1s like learning maths on the computers and using blocks to build towers.

P2s enjoyed practising their spelling words with playdoh!

We learned about tooth brushing from Carly from Childsmile.

We walked to the River Spey to create our assembly song......"Down at the river...."

P1s learned their new sounds 'c & k' and P2s practised their spelling words. We used old cds and dry-wipe pens to form our letters and words.

We all brought in our bikes and helmets to get them checked by Mrs Stuart and Mrs Duncan ready for our Bikeability training.


We have been learning in lots of different ways.......

Can you spot us forming our letters?

Can you see us making numbers ?

Can you see us learning through play?

We enjoyed performing 'Okki Tokki Unga' with Mrs Gillies at music.