• Measuring with a metre stick.
  • Tooth brushing with Anne from Childsmile.
  • Fun in the sand.
  • Cat and mouse game.
  • Fun cycle run.


  • Our love is like a red red rose.
  • Snappy and Twinkle Angel our Spey monsters.
  • The vets
  • We love a blether, having a conversation.
  • Science – temperature, solids and liquids.
  • We love our book reviews on a Friday.

We've been busy....

  • Decorating our tree.
  • Church hall sing song and snack.
  • Our elves.
  • Christmas crafts with parents.
  • Birthdays, we are 4.
  • Ding Dong Christmas.
  • Entertaining at Linnburn.

Week Beginning 27/11/17

Winter is here

  • Our first snow excitement.
  • Birthday celebrations.
  • We achieved (days of the week).
  • Our senses, we have 5.
  • St. Andrews.

Date: 6/11/17


  • Keeping safe on bonfire night.
  • Sound outside and inside.
  • Looking at time o’clock.
  • We met Guy who was made by Mrs Timms class.
  • Musical fun (sound)
  • Great artist Emily
  • Great pictures and story feedback with our link for library.

We’ve been making Halloween crafts.

We had a Spooky party.

We have been practising for our Harvest Assembly.

Our Autumn wall display.



We are all excited to be back in nursery after the tattie holidays.

Thank you to Glen Grant, we had a lovely Autumn walk in the gardens, playing and collecting leaves.

We had a birthday Dionne was 4

We have been learning about our 5 senses.

Week 18-09-17

What’s happening this week…….

  • Sorting animals.
  • We are body smart and change for gym.
  • We can balance at gym like our jungle friend the monkey.
  • Making our jungle book.
  • Just for fun in the rain.
  • Healthy snack time.



  • Birthday celebration
  • New safety officers Lexi and Erin
  • Number work
  • A visit from Carly to see if we are looking after our teeth
  • Outdoor play

We are busy.......