6th February 2018

  • Who is at the beginning, end and middle.
  • Our fundraising trip on our bicycles.
  • Our shape hunt outside.


  • Making our snack mats.
  • Fun outside.
  • Scottish dancing.
  • Learning the nursery rules.
  • Fire practice.

We've been busy.....

  • Christmas jumper day.
  • Our tree in nursery.
  • Numbers.
  • Which box is biggest?
  • Christmas crafts.

Week Beginning 27/11/17

Afternoon fun

  • Show and tell.
  • Practising our party games.
  • Our senses.
  • St. Andrews.



  • Art Smart
  • We went to listen for different sounds in the school.
  • Fun in the garden tiding the leaves.
  • Different sounds from different instruments.
  • Making our own instruments.

This is the front page of our crocodile book.

We all enjoyed dressing up for our spooky party, we dooked for apples and carved our pumpkin.

We had a lovely autumn walk.

We are very busy.........